Water Leak in Connecticut

A water leak in Connecticut can be devastating to your home or business. If you’re keen enough, you can prevent a major plumbing problem like a leaky pipe, broken water line, or even a hidden water leak behind a wall. You do not have to wait until disaster strikes to call a plumber. When you watch out for these top 5 water leak signs, you might be able to detect a hidden water leak yourself!

1. High Water Consumption

Do you notice your water bill climbing each month or each quarter? This could be from local rate increases or it could be from increased water consumption. Make sure the pay attention to your water consumption metrics on your bill. If you have abnormally high water consumption, you could have a hidden water leak beneath the ground or outside your home.

2. You Notice Mold Growth

Do you notice unusual mold growth in your home? Maybe it is on your ceilings or walls? Mold growth is a key sign to a water leak. For example, if you notice mold on your ceiling and there is a bathroom directly upstairs, you could have a water leak in your bathroom. Also, musty smells in your home could be an indication that mold is growing somewhere that you cannot see! Mold can be very dangerous to you and your family if not treated immediately. Please read this article from the CDC on mold growth in homes.

3. You See Moisture

Do you notice unusual moisture on your walls or maybe bubbling in your paint? Moisture in the home is usually a sign that water is present somewhere. If you notice moisture, call us today to diagnose if you have a hidden water leak.

4. You Have Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure when other faucets are not running is a key sign that you might have a water leak. If you have a pipe burst in your slab or a water like leak beneath the ground, it can depressurize your plumbing system and cause low water pressure throughout your home.

5. You Hear Running Water

Do you hear the sound of flowing water, but you do not have any faucets turned on? This is a key sign that you might have a water leak somewhere that you cannot see. Check out this article here on leak detection from one of our sister franchises. Your water leak could be a number of things. Not sure what to do? Give us a call today!

What Should You Do Next?

Water leaks can be devastating when not fixed immediately. Do not wait until it is too late to call your plumber to fix your leak. Be on the lookout for these common signs of a water leak, and call us immediately if you think you might have one!